Performance Overview

Welcome to the Portman Trust AG (PMT) and its most reliable online "Buy Low-Sell High" optimised algromatic software based trading technique, using the Portman Smart timing Model (STM). The software identifies the most likely profitable trades from any of the global blue chip stocks, indices, precious and base metals, oil, Forex and the US Treasuries. The identified markets are executed at the "lowest buy prices" and also given due consideration to the geo-political and other news at the time. Tthe decision filters and depicts the most probable trades with over 85% sustainable winning trades. This process is further explained online during a personal meeting between the Portman executives and yourselves.

         All verifiable Trades in Past 6 Months=51 , Profit Trades=44,  Percent Net Profits=63%
  • Established business processessatisfy banking and exchange regulations (Eidg. Banken-kommission 1997).
  • Portman Trust AG – is registered by SRO VQF – Verein zur Qualitätssicherung in Bereich der Finanzdienstleistungen.
  • Experience – Chief Investment Officer - has more than 25 years know how and hands on experience in trading global markets.
  •  “Big value” – Chief analyst trader managed funds worth billions of US$ for the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund and other banks.
  • Unparallel methodology – Innovative real time online market analysis Smart Timing Model (STM) created based on knowledge & experience as well as profound observations of geo-political effects of the market and pricing behavior.
  • Elimination – confusion from interpretation of news, economic data releases, economists, strategists, human behavior, fear of loss, emotions, greed and hopes of good luck.
  • Consistent ROI - by avoiding compulsive trading acting on clear signals.
  • The Team - compliant with exchange laws, Know-how in back-office and in managing personnel, supervision, responsibilities and a result orientated. If you are a financial or funds institution or a bank, Portman team offers you a "Profit Center" deal under special arrangements.

A unique feature of the PMT model is the predetermined Risk-Reward (R/R) ratios, which are integrated and optimized in the model to control and qualify the risks. The sequence of Buy-Signals, which is followed either partly or entirely – depending on the market situation – offers a number of aspects for a better understanding of the model. Any market entry levels will not be entered into the selected markets until prices stop falling any further, as will be indicated by the model – they must wait until the falls are over for the then-current period. PMT only trades the model prompted Buy-Signals at the prices and dates indicated. The different Buy-Signals which represent specific risk-reward ratio levels (see below) give an insight into the risk management by outlining the following three aspects:
  • Probability of the market to go further down
  • Probability of the market to go up
  • Profit factor: expected profit in USDs for a loss of one USD

Buy signals Risk - Reward ratio Probability of the markets Profit factor
to go further down to go further up  
1st Buy-Signal 1:8 12.5% 87.5% 8 **
2nd Buy-Signal 1:11 9.1% 90.9% 11
3rd  Buy-Signal 1:14 7.1% 92.0% 14
** USD 8.00 profit per USD 1.00 loss

Charitable trusts, Endowments or Pension Funds are given a discount of 5% (Special Agreement) per year, on Profit Incentive Fees from the quarterly high water mark profits. The brokerage commissions charged to the investor accounts are much lower than Swiss banks charge to their clients. Our trades are not so frequent as with the direct investor accounts with brokers or banks, as we only trade the PMT model prompted infrequent Buy-Signals.